We are happy to announce Certificates4you is branching out. We are looking for like minded trade persons to join our growing team of engineers. We have been operating around Greater Manchester & Cheshire carrying out gas and electrical inspections. As well as boiler services and other other forms inspections.

With over 1000 properties in our database we are looking for trades persons to join our team as self employed business owners. THAT’S RIGHT! As business owners. We want you to run and operate as Certificates4you. As a successfully established company. And we are going to help you do it.

So what’s in it for you!

  • 100% profit of the services we pass to you will be yours when you achieve Managers Scheme. That can be upwards of £900.00 per week
  • You may get the chance of taking on any additional repairs or installations
  • You will be part of an established business
  • Fully self-employed
  • Hit the ground running as we supply you with jobs
  • And we will be on the end of the phone happy to help you with any problems
  • Gas Safe Registration*
  • Licence to trade as Certificates4you

On joining our network you will receive a detailed welcome pack. This is to aid you in beginning your new career as a self-employed engineer. It can be nerve racking walking out in to the big wide world as a newly qualified person. Many people spend thousands on chasing a career change, then struggle to make it happen. That’s why we feel a detailed welcome pack is a great aid to refer too. The pack will contain:

  • Guides on what you will be required to carry out
  • A list of tools you will require to begin inspecting
  • A fully branded Certificates4you uniform
  • I.D. Card
  • A tablet to conduct the reports. (No more searching for pens)
  • Business cards
  • Note pad (always handy for jotting notes during the inspections)

You will start your new career on a ‘Pay As You Earn Scheme’. We know as much as the next person how important it is to NOT to get in a world of debt when starting out self-employed. The ‘Pay As You Earn Scheme’ will be deducted as a percentage per job completed. After a period of time you will move up to a ‘Managers Scheme’. The ‘Managers Scheme’ will be a set amount per week. This means the more you work, the more profit you take home to enjoy life. We all enjoy sunny holidays and treating our loved ones.

A vehicle is a must. We have vehicle leasing plans from £25.00 per day. Should you already have a vehicle you wish to use that isn’t a problem. However you will be required to have your vehicle sign written with the Certificates4you brand. We take pride in our brand and we want the franchises to feel the same way. When you arrive at a job, branding goes a long way with customers. It shows they are dealing with a professional company that takes pride in its appearance.

Pay As You Earn Scheme

  • Welcome pack
  • Engineer support
  • Gas safe registration*
  • Vehicle leasing*
  • Contract of business
  • Achievable to earn over £900 per week*
  • Online diary

Registration Fee £750.00

25% deduction from each completed job

Managers Scheme

  • Additional from Pay As You Earn Scheme
  • You take home 100% of the profit you earn
  • New contract of business

Cost £225.00 per week

*Gas safe registration will only apply to fully qualified ACS standard engineers with certificate of proof. *Vehicle leasing plans start from £25.00 per day and are available on request. Number of jobs may vary from day to day which may impact gross profit. All franchises should be comfortable with using smart phones, tablets, computers. Head office may arrange appointments between customers and franchises and therefore an accessible works diary will be required.